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In keeping with the theme of this week’s episode, the writing staff had a New Year’s Resolution they were going to be better about trying to finish these damn podcast notes well before they were due. And, yet, here we are barely into February writing these things on deadline in the wee hours of the morning because we’re horrible garbage people who will never change.

But… you, dear listeners, heed our warning from the Village of the Damned so that you do not find yourself weeping and gnashing in this pitfall with us. Thankfully, you’ve got our boys Sid and Keith on this week’s episode of the Overlap Podcast to take a deep dive into the why, how and where do we go from here of our likely lapsing or lapsed New Year’s resolutions. Don’t have the discipline? We’ll talk about it. Won’t be able to find the will? We’ll work with you. Can’t be bothered to even tune in to learn? We … well, you really have to help yourself at some point – we aren’t your damn nanny or anything.

Accountability, Goal Writing, SMART resolutions … yeah, we got ‘em all, so come get your head right and your 2024 season back on track early with this week’s episode of the Overlap Podcast.

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