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What do Forrest Gump, Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski, Captain Marvel and Karl Childers of “Sling Blade” have in common? Answer: something that should best be avoided in life and in characteristics of movie protagonists – passivity. Passivity will always be remembered by those in the know as something to be avoided (And to further prove that passivity leads to problems, the reason that last sentence felt weird to read? Yep … written in the passive voice.)

On this episode of the Overlap Podcast, our boys Sid and Keith probe into the price of passivity with the purview of the pecuniary pursuits in which they participate – presenting practical plans and policies to police and purge that passivity as perfectly as possible. Missed opportunities, financial losses and diminished reputation are only a few side effects of choosing to live the passive life, and our boys will have anecdotal evidence that being proactive is the preferred philosophy to produce positive effects for you and your business.=

So, get out of the gutter of passivity and press onward and upward with this week’s episode of the Overlap Podcast.

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