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Are you familiar with the Rube Goldberg Machine? Probably not, but run with us here … it’s an overly complicated machine that requires a sure-fire plethora of chain-reaction events in order to complete a usually simple or mundane task. Example: a self-operating napkin that works by lifting a spoon, which moves a handle that throws a cracker past a toucan. The toucan jumps for the cracker, tilting its perch which upsets seeds into a pail that, due to the weight of the seeds, pulls a cord that ignites a lighter next to the fuse of a skyrocket with a sickle attached to it. When the rocket takes off, the sickle cuts a string, freeing a clock pendulum with a napkin attached to wipe the user’s chin. What does any of this have to do with this week’s episode? Answer: yeah, we don’t know either but pretend we came up with some meaningful connection here … something that said something like “Like the spoon, when leadership lifts up employees, a good series of events happens” or some such nonsense.

So, our boys Sid and Keith will be taking a look at the ripple effect that true leadership has within your life – be it business, home, faith, church softball league … whatever … leadership has a comprehensive impact on how and what you do throughout your life’s many compartments. Looking forward to amazing anecdotes, interesting insights and colorful commentary as our boys try to help lead you to a better tomorrow.

Tune in and turn up this week’s Overlap Podcast.

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