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Throughout time immortal, mankind has asked itself a question that echoes through the millenia still today – what compels us to do, to be, to strive and to move forward? Is it evolutionary, baked into our very DNA over eon after eon of continued growth and development? Is it learned behavior, some sort of cosmic experiment conducted by the gods or the powers that be to propel our collective narratives forward? Are we overthinking this particular topic far more than we ought? Undoubtedly so, but we move forward boldly, motivated by the idea that we might actually be freed from the writer’s room if we please our overlords … err… hosts in so doing.

In this week’s episode of the Overlap Podcast, our boys Sid and Keith will make moves to motivate us listeners on rethinking the very idea of motivation in the business world altogether, piercing the veil of the “Incentive Illusion.” Amusing anecdotes, appreciated advice and banal banter – all will be encountered herein, so tune in and turn up this week’s Overlap Podcast.

Speaking of incentive – if we get the listener rate up, they might actually feed the writers for once, so, please, for the love of all that is holy, listen this week…

Resources Mentioned:

Harvard Business Review
Alfie Kohn

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