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Do you remember back in the late 20th century when people would go on vacations to exotic locales like Paris, London, Rome and Des Moines, Iowa, and would make sure to take hundreds or even thousands of photos of said vacations? Do you recall that they would take the plethora of photos and have them turned into slides that could be inserted into a projector and displayed on a large surface so that all of their family and friends that didn’t go on the exotic vacation to Des Moines could now see every moment and have it painstakingly narrated by those people who did go? Maybe your brain has blocked that painful, anxiety inducing experience from your memory, your subconscious protecting you from the trauma you experienced therein.

But Writing Staff of the Overlap Podcast, you say, what does this have to do with this week’s episode of the Overlap Podcast? And we reply – oh, we mention that for no reason whatsoever, completely random and errant thought, sorry to bother … oh, and Keith just got back from a conference out in the Mountain West. So, yeah, no correlation at all…

Yes, in this week’s episode, our boys Sid and Keith will be diving and delving into the topic of “Beginning With the End in Mind,” something that Keith gleaned from the aforementioned conference … or it could possibly be one of them found that guide to the afterlife book from the movie “Beetlejuice,” because that definitely sounds like the title of that tome…

So, tune in this week to find out whether the Overlap Podcast is about something Keith learned at a conference or if it’s a spooky show about exploring beyond the veil of death. Either way, we’re certain you’ll enjoy the show.

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