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Not gonna lie, when the writing staff saw the phrase “energy audit” pop up in the podcast this week, we became very concerned that The Overlap Podcast might now be some sort of digital media arm of the Church of Scientology and that our boys Sid and Keith were now being held on some ocean liner being tested for thetans (the remnants of immortal spiritual beings that have some sort of supernatural residue in humans … or something) and hanging out with John Travolta and Tom Cruise. We are pleased to report back this is not the case, though we do feel compelled to say that we do believe Shelly Miscavige is obviously still alive and has been on one of the Sea Org cruises for … like 17 years now and just doesn’t like land and has developed agoraphobia … totally plausible.

So, instead of indulging in L. Ron Hubbard’s tax dodge … er … religion, we’re taking a deep dive into the exciting enclave of energy – how we generate it, how we expend it, how we best distribute it and how Reddy Kilowatt, the mascot designed in 1926 for Alabama Power, might be the most terrifying company mascot of all time (note: we will do three of those things in the podcast this week; one of them is food for thought we will explore further in the future unless that demon power bug murders us in our dreams Freddy Kreuger style). Aligning your energy with your core values, revitalizing your routine, finding ways to develop lucid dreaming to avoid ancient power company mascots trying to unalive you in your sleep … great advice for your everyday life that’s practical, applicable and necessary to avoid an untimely end for you and your business.

Tune in and turn up this week’s Overlap Podcast … and remember, Shelly Miscavige is definitely still alive. Definitely. We would never say anything to the contrary. Ever. So leave us be, David.

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