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We won’t make you admit it, but we know we left you wanting more after last week’s episode that enlightened you to EOS. Well, you lucky listeners, we’ve got you covered, smothered and topped (arguably also the best way to order your Waffle House hashbrowns in proper WH-approved lingo) with this week’s special guest Kim Coots, a bona fide and certified leadership and success coach and EOS expert.

Kim’s credentials are certainly rock solid and fascinating, as you’ll learn through her sitdown with our boys Sid and Keith. She created a start-up company in 1993 that became the 26th fastest growing company in the INC. 500 within five years, only to have to sell it out soon thereafter because of the lack of a firm business foundation. From there, she went to work for a $6 billion company to spearhead the launch of their international division and ended up staying for 10 years. She then progressed forward to becoming an “integrator” at a $5 million dollar company going through some truly terrible times – and that’s where her life was changed by those three little letters you’ve come to know and need in your own business lives: EOS. Kim was in at the ground floor for the development of EOS, and now works full-time helping small businesses integrate and implement the procedures and protocols to make them profitable and prosperous.

So, in short, we’ve got the content area expert on EOS that’s been there since the beginning to answer our questions and help guide us all down the proper path. And you get to listen to this for free? Win, win. (But, if you wanted to do something nice to thank us, see the above parenthetical for our Waffle House order.)

We considered giving you some of the definitions and high points with Kim’s talk, but … again #TeamNoSpoilers … you genuinely should listen to this week’s episode and get it all straight from our superb source. This episode is chock-full of great advice, anecdotes, acumen that will allow you to accelerate your business affairs.







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