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Star Trek had Leonard “Bones” McCoy. Bewitched had Dr. Gordon Bombay. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman had … well … Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

And, for this week’s show, The Overlap Podcast has our own on-call medical maven who is always in the know – Dr. Amy S. Armstrong, co-owner of LaBellaRX in Daphne and the Medical Director for The Overlap Podcast (disclaimer: official office of Medical Director for The Overlap Podcast may not actually be an official position and would not entitle any potential officeholder thereof to any potential compensation said office may be entitled to, unless said potential officeholder accepts expired coupons to that Church’s Chicken down the road that had closed down about three years ago).

Dr. Amy returns for her second spin with our boys Sid and Keith to sit down and share about a plethora of points regarding fitness and health goals. And since Dr. Amy is board certified in Internal Medicine and former chief medical resident … well, let’s just say she certainly has earned her status as a content area expert, whereas our boys … they know when to get out of the way and let the good doctor tell some important truths.

Right out the gate, Dr. Amy and the Overlap Gang start lobbing truth bombs in an area people traditionally shy away from talking about: obesity and its role in chronic health issues. And obesity, much like an M. Night Shyamalan movie, will find some twist or turn to surprise you – like y’all skinny fat folks out there who look skinny but have a high body fat percentage. (Not trying to call anyone out; the person who writes these is regional undersecretary for the National Association for the Advancement of Fat People, so game recognize game.) And our own obesity issues often spill over into other folk’s health as well – like Dr. Amy says in this episode … … … did you really expect us to tell you? You know #TeamNoSpoilers is going to make you listen in to learn.

(Muffled argument sounds in background, sounds of bottles being hurled and broken, table being flipped)

Apparently, #TeamNoSpoilers has a bye week this week, since we’re apparently giving y’all the first tip from this week’s episode: identify your biggest obstacle to what is preventing you from having good health. Without knowing what’s causing the problem, how can you be expected to figure out the best way to beat it? It takes time, introspection and self-evaluation to get to the heart of the matter and actually have the stomach to do what you need to do. And Dr. Amy goes into the battle that will face a lot of us as we try to make these positive changes, especially the very real struggle between Your Body and Artificial Sweeteners.

The match of your life awaits you, so lace up your gloves, run up and down those art museum stairs in Philly a few times to “Gonna Fly Now,” and have Burgess Meredith there to scowl at you from the corner and tell you you’re a bum … that bell is about to clang and those bad health habits don’t play by the rules of the game. This week’s Overlap is absolutely essential for your everyday life, so turn it on, tune in and listen up.

(And just as an aside, can we all agree that the training montage in Rocky I would be better with “Eye of the Tiger” from Rocky III instead of “Gonna Fly Now”? I mean, I know Bill Conti wrote “Gonna Fly” specifically to be the theme and whatnot for the first film and that it gets used in various fashions between all the other films – even the Creed ones – but … eh … just doesn’t slap as hard as Survivor’s greatest hit.)


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