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(“Before I Let Go” as sung by Maze featuring Frankie Beverly starts playing in the background)

Are you ready for the Overlap Podcast Family Reunion? Got the matching reunion t-shirt? How you want your burger cooked? You know you need to stay away from Great Aunt Deb’s potato salad with the raisins in it, right?

It’s reunion week here with our boys Sid and Keith as they sit down and shoot off with Sponsor and Friend of the Show Steve Bousquet, landscape legend and lawn scientist supreme, who is back for his second time around on the show (on his tenth show, he gets a free drink with purchase of an entree … value-added content here at Overlap).

While Steve may be the Lord Mayor of Landscaping, the advice and business acumen he provides in this week’s show is evergreen and good for any climate across our globe. Steve’s journey is one that many of us have faced in our own business careers – you can be an expert in your field and know how to do what you do really well, but if you don’t know the business side of business, you’re in for a world of trouble.

And Steve’s journey has all of the dizzying highs of success, terrifying lows like tremendous debt and a delightful ending that you know we aren’t going to talk about here because #TeamNoSpoilers since … whatever year Sid and Keith started doing this podcast. 2021? 2020? 1947? (Shrugs)

Turn on, tune in and take notes – this week’s episode is better than Great Aunt Tootsie’s homemade pound cake at this fictional reunion we’re still apparently in? Enjoy the episode and y’all come do the Electric Slide until that DJ up there finally starts taking requests and we can get some Bell Biv DeVoe going up in here…



Book: Profit First for Lawn Care and Landscape Businesses


Episode 9: A Deeper Insight into Profit First and Pumpkin Planning With Steve Bousquet

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