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When you think of the word “time,” what comes to mind? Days, hours, minutes, seconds? The title of a magazine you seldom see outside of your dentist’s waiting room? Did the familiar strains of “Jungle Love” start playing in your head, bringing you that good, strong Minneapolis sound from Morris Day and the Time? (O-e-o-e-o, the song is a bop, as most things Prince wrote were. RIP to a real one.)

Well, our boys Sid and Keith take on the concept of time in this week’s Overlap Podcast, which is something relevant to everyone on God’s green earth, regardless of what business you may find yourself in or what your title may be.

It is a universally acknowledged truth that when someone asks another person “How are you doing,” with a 99.76 percent response rate, their answer will be either “Good” or “Busy.” (The remaining 0.24 percent is your Great Aunt Gladys, who simply says “Why do you care? You never come visit anyway” and then usually starts into some rant about why Spiro Agnew got a bum deal.) In a world that seems divided on almost every major issue, we all seem to agree that we’re all incredibly busy all of the time, even though some of us appear often to be doing nothing at all (mainly Keith, to be honest).

Rather than trying to find a DeLorean with a flux capacitor or hoping you hear the woosh of the Tardis to help you understand all this wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff (or God forbid having to learn quantum mechanics or some weird experimental physics), our boys have got you covered with how to free yourself from the Bridle of Busy – simple, straight-forward time management. Finding a way to better effectively manage your time will pep up your steps and keep you from feeling overwhelmed by what seems like a plethora of professional pursuits that pop up every day.

Now, we could, of course, just give you all of our tremendous tips here in the podcast notes for easy digestion and dissemination, but … yeah, not gonna happen #NoSpoilers . So, to find out how to defeat the ticking clock of wasted time, you’re going to want to take time to tune in and turn it up for this week’s Overlap Podcast. (And to defeat the aforementioned Morris Day and The Time, you’re going to need to figure out how to throw a musical group together, which would include bringing Apollonia out of retirement, and learn how to do a banger version of “Purple Rain” and … well, write us and let us know how that goes for you.)




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