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No matter what industry you work in or what business you own, there always have to be rules and policies, right? The Dress Code. The Work-From-Home Policy. The ‘Don’t Talk to Karen from Finance Until She’s Had Her Morning Coffee’ Corollary. Every business has them and needs them (especially that one about Karen from Finance … You were an OG, Dave from Accounting, and we hope they recover your body one day, for your family’s sake).

And, yet, while every organization has rules and regulations, in a similarly universal fashion, they’re also almost always completely hated by the people who work there, who cite issues with rules about daily number of bathroom visits, why fish can’t be heated in the communal microwave and why they can’t wear their Snuggies to work (If you really want to get around a dress code – here’s a pro tip: do what the Hawaiian Fashion Guild did in the 1960s and bribe your state legislators with free Aloha Shirts and then accidentally create the concept of Casual Fridays. Seriously – this was a thing. Look it up.)

While some folks may grumble or grouse at the rules, policies, procedures, and guidelines, the common thread in all of it is accountability, which our boys Sid and Keith will be advising us on in this week’s episode. By codifying and creating concrete rules and regulations in our businesses, we set standards for behavior, output, consistency, et cetera, that are vital for maintaining a successful and accountable workplace. Setting rules and regulations isn’t about being the bad guy – it’s giving your employees the tools and tricks they need to take themselves and your business to the top.

So, this week’s episode is chock full of useful tidbits to help you survive and thrive, so turn it on, tune in and take notes – this week’s Overlap Podcast is a terrific time.

(And if anyone has any leads as to the whereabouts of Dave from Accounting, please contact the Overlap Podcast, your nearest local law enforcement office, the Unsolved Mysteries television program, or the ghost of Robert Stack.)



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