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In its almost 33 years on television, the legendary Fox animated series “The Simpsons” has only had six clip show episodes, that is to say episodes composed of snippets and gobbets from other already made episodes. Quite a feat, right?

So, with an introduction like that, you can hopefully guess this week’s episode of The Overlap Podcast – yes, another “Best Of” episode hosted by the Son of Keith himself, our main man Austin Glines, who will preside over this fourth “Best Of” episode with these pieces of podcasts past in true stalwart clip show host fashion, like Henry Fonda did for “All in the Family,” Lucille Ball did for “Three’s Company” and the venerable John McLaughlin did for that two-parter “Cheers” clip show.

The only difference between us and those TV clip show greats, though – this podcast still contains vital information for your everyday life and the betterment of your business, whereas hearing McLaughlin interview George Wendt will … let you learn more about George Wendt and the inner workings of the character of Norm. Fascinating stuff.

Listen to this week’s episode so you can catch up on these blasts from our past – it’s well worth your time and effort.


Episode 17: Sexton Landscaping

Episode 18: Amber Wallace

Episode 19: Tim Gautreaux

Episode 20: Nathan Cox

Episode 21: Sid. Sexton and Keith Glines





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