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Normally, this is where we’d do some sort of jokey intro and make some weird pop cultural reference that is usually, at best, hit or miss – but this week, in the spirit of our spectacular special guest, we’re going to change our perspective and genuflect to the Great Guru of the Gulf – New York Times best-selling author, the Professional Noticer himself, Mr. Andy Andrews.

It almost goes without saying that the year 2020 certainly changed everything in our world, especially our general outlook on life. “Normal” as we knew it before then ceased to be, as did the businesses and people who attempted to cling to that former sense of “normal.” Our boys Sid and Keith will indulge themselves of Andy’s interesting insights, as he has remained a content area expert for trying to get people to change their perspectives for decades. The Amazing Andy is here to tell us all that radical perspective changes don’t just happen because of insane global pandemics – they can happen at any given moment, so we have to be open and willing to think and do differently if we want to avoid failure.

Again, we’d normally be way more committed to our usual jocular schtick that we’ve established in these podcast notes, but, honestly, nothing but genuine respect and admiration for Andy Andrews and the almost sermon-like message he brings to The Overlap Podcast this week. You owe it to yourself to listen to this week’s episode – it’ll definitely be one that Keith will make his son make a clip show for … probably in a week or two because he and Sid are too busy steam pressing their new purple belts from their weird wrasslin’ thing they do to remember that they have to record an episode.

Andy’s Resources

Bottom of the Pool: Thinking beyond your boundaries to achieve extraordinary results

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