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(The familiar funky bass licks of The O’Jays’ “For The Love of Money” begins playing in the background)

Scratch. Moolah. Shekels. Cold, hard cash. When it comes to you and your business, there’s two things we know about the Almighty Dollar: you gotta have it and you always want more of it – but no one ever elaborates on the how to get there, do they?

Per the usual, The Overlap Podcast has you covered, as our boys Sid and Keith chat about how to capture that critical capital and credit you crave with their special guest Mason Howells, the Beaucoup Bucks Banker (who also actually claims Sid as a client … we’re shocked, too). Mason and our boys talk about a flood of fiscal focuses. Whether it’s building a better relationship with your bank and banker or its Money Master Mason giving a sensational seminar on taking out a loan for your business, you’ll partake in a plethora of pecuniary pleasure just by popping this week’s podcast in your ears.

You and your business need this information here and now, so we’ll stop typing and let you enjoy the show – we’re gonna finish jamming to The O’Jays.

Music by: Phil J


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Sid Sexton

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