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When it comes to you and your business with regards to growth, there seems to be two equal but wildly different camps that folks will settle into – like “A Tale of Two Cities” or the twins from “The Parent Trap” movies (Hayley Mills or Lindsay Lohan, take your pick). Either you get way too excited (think that episode of Saved By the Bell with Jessie Spano and the caffeine pills) and you buy up equipment or hire personnel you think you need without the revenue backing and true growth to support it … or you’re the micromanaging money miser (think Ebeneezer Scrooge pre ghostly visits) that has the money and the numbers to back up growth, but you’re reluctant to pull the trigger and you stunt your growth due to lack of support.

It seems like a no-win scenario no matter what, like you’re a Starfleet captain facing the Kobayashi Maru training exercise. And, not unlike a young Captain James Tiberius Kirk, our boys Sid and Keith here at The Overlap Podcast are going to hack the scenario and find a way for you and your company to win.

It’s a fine balance to figure out strategic growth, but our boys will make like the Flying Wallendas and have you right in that sweet spot of appreciating opportunities while maintaining strategic, sustainable growth.

This week’s episode is a must listen for any industry so that you and your business may … live long and prosper.

Music by: Phil J


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Keith Glines
Sid Sexton

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