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What does your business have in common with 2013 Auburn University football player Chris Davis’ final play in the 2013 Iron Bowl? Answer: Timing and how to use it correctly, whether it be making a big purchase or running a kick back all the way to the end zone to win the big game … though we doubt Keith would make it halfway down the field in that situation.

This week, our boys Sid and Keith will be talking about timing and how to use it to its fullest through careful consideration and analysis. Market trends, cash flow, ROI, other jargon that the podcast shownote writing team vaguely understands because they aren’t in the business world … yes, all of those things will be discussed, dissected and disseminated to you Friends of the Pod to help you grow and build your business in a better way. And these tips and tricks will work for everyone, whether you’re a Mom and Pop feed and seed shop in rural Iowa or a C-suite executive in the Big Apple – all businesses gotta buy and our boys will make sure you’re buying at the best time for your needs.

So, turn it on and turn it up – this week’s episode of the Overlap Podcast is one you … can’t afford to miss.

P.S. the boys were so excited to give you this episode that they forgot to do a proper sound check so excuse the poor sound quality.


Sexton Lawn & Landscape
Keith Glines
Sid Sexton

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