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In 1973, Malcolm John Rebennack Jr., better known to the world as the late great Dr. John, released a song known to people worldwide, an anthem that warns us what not to do – “Right Place, Wrong Time.” Prophetic words from The Night Tripper himself but it’s actually a good point that will also be raised on this week’s Overlap Podcast. And just like how Bob Dylan and Bette Midler helped Dr. John write the lyrics to that classic tune (seriously, look it up), our boys Sid and Keith will help you and your business write a new tune called “Right Place, Right Time” for having the perfect person in the perfect position. (Also, real talk – Sid is Bob Dylan and Keith is Bette, right?)

This week’s episode is dedicated to making sure you’ve got the best person in the best position at the necessary time – like John McClain being at Nakatomi Tower on Christmas Eve all those many years ago. Placing people in the perfect position leads to a productive team and provides proper motivation for employee morale. The personal stories and amazing anecdotal evidence provided here will be something you’ll want to remember, so go ahead and have a pen and pad of paper right there by you before you start listening.

The tricks, tips and techniques you’ll learn this week will be useful for everyone from the boardroom to the warehouse so tune in and turn up this week’s Overlap Podcast.

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