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This week’s episode of The Overlap Podcast is sure to make a splash – maybe even a bigger splash than when Rodney Dangerfield nailed the almost impossible Triple Lindy Dive at the end of the classic ‘80s comedy “Back to School” – because we’ve got the Prince of Pools himself on the pod this week, Cameron Rhodes of Premier Pools Company.

Our boys Sid and Keith will set sail with Cameron as he tells them how to navigate the uncharted waters of the business world, including having a first-rate first mate and knowing how to avoid the sharks, Krakens, ghost ships, scurvy and Keith trying to reenact selected scenes from the Little Mermaid (you can’t unsee that man in the purple shell bra … our eyes … they burn …)

You’re going to enjoy the voyage we’re embarking on this week, so say Bon Voyage to your business fears and woes and enjoy the journey on this week’s Overlap Podcast. (No, Keith … put down the shell bra, Keith … Why is Sid dressed like a crab now … … … random static noises)

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