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(Tinny fanfare of trumpets and Sousaphones like the beginning of newsreels in old timey movies begins) The Business Device Hall of Fame, located in the heart of Gary, Indiana, ( near Jermaine Jackson’s son Jermajesty’s restaurant Jermajesty’s Steak and Crepes) better make room for a brand new exhibit because this week’s thesis for the Overlap Podcast is going to be the biggest thing for business – even better than when Mavis Beacon taught typing, more monumental than when metal was molded and bent until paper first was clipped and will make the Rolodex look like the piece of crap it truly is – a Lazy Susan for business cards. Yes, this week’s central point stands tall above all other business must-haves, save only the GOAT of office supplies – the red Swingline stapler, which was only created after the intense demand from its appearance in the cult classic Mike Judge film “Office Space.”

What is this Deus Ex Machina, this device from the gods themselves meant to change our world forever and always? Of course, it’s the Full Focus Planner – allowing our boys Sid and Keith to further explore the furthest reaches of time management not unlike a modern day Bill S. Preston, Esquire, and Theodore Logan (minus the phone booth and Death, obviously).

The pair’s excitement for the Full Focus Planner is catchier than Pink Eye and will likely be just as contagious, as our boys share the joys of their new favorite toys. They’ll share personal anecdotes, goals set and matched and (because their schedules are so well-managed and curated), they’ll even have time to take you through the first 50 pages of their screenplay they’ve written – picture it, a Whodunnit murder mystery in the style of “Murder on the Orient Express” but with the Muppets as main cast and Hologram Carol Channing as the only human character. Somebody get Jack Warner on the phone – we’ve got his tent pole flick for next summer.

(Okay, maybe not that last part, but… real talk, you’d go see that movie in theater. Or at least pay like $3 to rent and stream it one night, right?)

So, Plan to Focus Fully on this week’s Overlap Podcast – anyone who finishes the episode can email us to get the 10 question quiz. Score 90 or above and you’ll get a coupon for $1.75 off the ticket price for “Murder on the Muppet Express,” in theaters June 2028.

Get your Full Focus Planner today! 

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